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In Partnership with Eastleigh College

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Trainees are supervised throughout the service by experienced, qualified hairdressers. As we are a training provider, please allow extra time for your appointment to be carried out.

All colour clients are required to have a skin test 48 hours prior to the service, to ensure that your colour can be carried out safely. 

When booking an appointment with Above Bar Training we ask that you appreciate that this is a training establishment and although we aim to provide our services to a high standard, it may not always be performed to your expectations.

Therefore please accept the following:

  1. As some hairdressers are not as experienced as others, appointment times may vary as they may require more time to fulfil consultations and services.
  2. Although our hairdressers are supervised, they are still in training and gaining experience, so are not yet qualified.
  3. Training conditions are reflected in the cost of the service.
  4. Our receptionists are also undergoing training, so errors can sometimes occur, though we will do our utmost to rectify them.
  5. Services may vary within each salon session.
  6. It is not always possible to ask for a specific hairdresser.
  7. Due to the time restraints of lessons, the required service may not be possible in one session.


Above Bar Logo

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Above Bar Logo

Eastleigh College

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All courses run at Above Bar Training are delivered by Eastleigh College and their experienced staff. Eastleigh College was judged 'Outstanding' during its last Ofsted inspection for the quality of training that it provides its learners.

Above Bar Training reserves the right to change / amend information as and when required, without notice.

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